Coaching and mentoring

Do you want to progress at work and land that promotion or are you interested in your personal or professional development? Are you tired of struggling with anxiety or have challenges in your personal life you want to be able to work through? Do you just want to talk something through with someone? Sometimes we all need someone to talk to...

At Lantern we firmly believe that the best answers come from within and do not presume to have the solutions to all life’s woes! We can however, provide a supportive and non judgemental opportunity to talk through and explore whatever is on your mind and create a realistic and achievable plan together to meet your goals or aspirations.

Coaching is a non-directive form of support which focuses on a specific topic of your choosing. We usually  explore the subject through conversation, identify outcomes and create a plan for how to tackle or progress the matter at hand. Coaching can focus on personal or professional issues but the success of any coaching interaction starts with honest and effective communication. From there comes the generation of trust which will allow you to build an effective relationship with your coach.

Some people find a professional environment encourages the organisation of their thoughts whereas others prefer a comfy chair and a cup of coffee! Whether you prefer an online Zoom chat, office or coffee shop meet up, just drop us a line for a no obligation chat and we'll see if there's anything we can do to help.

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to...
It's good to talk - mostly!
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