Personal resilience and stress management

Would you like to be able to deal with challenges or stressful situations in an effective and professional way? Do you want to know how to improve your mental and physical health? 

Understanding signs of stress and maintaining our levels of personal resilience are key ingredients for a happier and healthier life. Just knowing why we do the things we do can improve our self-awareness and help us look after our general wellbeing.


Sometimes it is as simple as talking to someone you trust who can guide your thinking to some tangible and achievable tips and techniques or signpost you to the help and support you may need. Having someone to check in with and who is focussed on the ongoing maintgainance of our health and wellbeing is often a key factor in the regime of those considered resileint or menatally healthy.


Our inputs can be delivered to groups or on a one to one basis and in addition to raising your own levels of self-awareness, will offer practical advice on how to stay calm and tackle those stressful situations.