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Remote Working Catches On

Every cloud...

Lockdown seems to have forced a long overdue change of culture within many organisations regarding flexible working arrangements, its not that easy though...

Successful remote working takes discipline, needs strict boundaries to maintain healthy work/life balance and requires ongoing support from managers if done properly.

The alternative can lead to anxiety and burnout so if you’re struggling with any aspects of remote work (and trust me, I’m working with lots of people and organisations who are) then here are a few things that might help:

1) Create a space. Dedicate a room or space to work in and close the door or pack it all away when you’re done. This clears the mind and help you physically and mentally switch off.

2) Consider your hours. Agree hours of operation and availability with your manager. Working at home can require a different approach with new challanges and comittments to keep balanced if you’re going to be productive so start a conversation! Communcation is the most effective probelm solving tool in the world so just try talking it through and see if there is a different model which works for you and your organisation.

3) Switch off. Turn the phone off when you’re outside of your hours and shut the laptop down. “Just checking your email” uses your neural energy and drains your batteries when you should be recharging. Maintain your balance and ensure that you spend as much time on your relaxing, revitalising and recharging activities as you do on the work stuff (or visa versa!)

Boundaries, discipline and constant communication are all key to your success.

Hopefully there’s something of use to you here but shout if you need any support, always happy to talk!

Good luck!



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