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Breaking news: I’ve just had a great conversation... ON MY PHONE!!

Who knew these mobile things even did this?!

Ok, so this morning I had a video chat scheduled in with the lovely Robyn Allen to talk about some insurance requirements. As the connection got flakey we swapped over to an old fashioned phone call!

Now I’m the first one to say that I actually prefer to see the person I’m talking with and am not a massive fan of talking on the phone, but do you know what? It was great!

It’s so nice to find someone on your wavelength who is easy to talk to and interesting to listen to, we didn’t even get round to insurance but sure we will another time!

This is what relationship building is all about for me. If you are going to networking events just to sell your wares, if you send bulk linkedin connection invites with generic messages in order to get a sale, if you schedule a “getting to know you” call just to get a bite then let me save you some time - don’t bother with me because I’m not interested!

If you want to get to know me, if you are genuinely interested in what I do and why I do it, if you’re willing to share your thoughts and values with me then that’s a different story and I would absolutely love to connect!

Build your relationships people and your business will follow!

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