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What are your values?

I was recently asked by a friend what my vision was for Lantern?

Sometimes this seems more complicated than it needs to be.

If you’re finding it hard to pin down, here is an example of my Vision/Mission statement based on my favourite simplistic model of What, Why and How:


I created Lantern so that I could use my knowledge & understanding, passion & people skills to do what I do best and be happy and fulfilled in my life!


I use my deepest passion and strongest driver to help people be better and happier in their work and at home, so they can cascade the positive impacts and benefits onto their family, friends, colleagues, clients and customers!

Combining my passions and drivers with my training and developmental skills creates genuine satisfaction for me but also helps to make the world a better place for all of us!


My primary values centre around honesty, transparency and authenticity as I believe these are the foundation of trust-based relationships.

If blended with compassion and curiosity about the world around us, this creates genuine and effective engagement with others which is the key to affecting long lasting change.

I only recently learned about the Japanese word ikigai which refers to a passion that gives value and joy to life.

The model shown in the image attached is used by the creator of the concept to beautifully encapsulate what I have tried to explain in my clunky words above!!

Sometimes a picture really does paint a thousand words!

Hope this helps you in some way too!

All the best!




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