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Get Out!!

As documented previously, I love a walk out in the countryside but it’s sometimes difficult to convince yourself to head out, especially when you’re full of cold on a dreary wet day. It's equally challenging to get yourself out of a well entrenched rut!

Today was cold, rainy and misty but to combat the inevitable cabin fever, my daughter and I headed for an “adventure drive”! We used to do this when she was little and it pretty much involved setting out with no destination in mind and seeing where the road and fancy took us! She’s 17 now but still loves it! 😂

We made an impromptu call at a Starbucks drive-through for hot chocolates which we then enjoyed whist parked up on a local hilltop just outside of town. It was so quiet and still that even though you couldn’t see far, it was absolutely beautiful!

As nice as it is to soak up the outdoor world (even from inside a car!) the conversation and company was even better! You’re probably thinking, “what’s the point, I see him/her all the time” but ask yourself, how much of your time do you really spend together? When did you last give your full attention to your other half, colleague or child?

They say a change is as good as a rest. Different circumstances, situations and environments can illicit different outcomes or results and this is true for both your personal and professional lives. So if you’re getting fed up, frustrated or in need of as new perspective, give yourselves a change of scenery and see what happens!

All the best!



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