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How do you maintain balance?

If you're remote working or working from home you may eventually have to figure out how to find your balance.

Are you being driven to do more, more, more?

Are you struggling to do anything, anything, anything?!

Either represents an imbalance which will affect your energies, resilience and state of mind.

Perhaps it might help to:

a) Figure out what you need to achieve from a work perspective (whether task or employment related)

b) Figure out what you need to keep yourself happy and positive (down-time activity to recharge or revitalise your energy & mind)

c) Figure our a routine to incorporate both of the above (make sure you understand how, where and when you are going to do all these things and come up with an approach or timetable that works for you)

Don’t forget, this is up to you! There are always going to be people telling you that you should be using this opportunity to do develop yourself and your business, market yourself and sell your services if you want to "get ahead of the game" and there will be others saying don’t do anything, go fallow and ride out the storm! Well we’re all different and we all have different needs so don’t let anyone tell you what is right or wrong.

You don’t have to juggle and unicycle at the same time, it may just be enough to keep your balance and make it across the rope.


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