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How you feeling?

Many of us are emotional chameleons, by which I mean that the emotional state of others can easily impact or affect our own state of mind. If not kept in check this in turn can have a massive impact on our general wellbeing and mental health.

The problem with this current state of affairs is that there is a lot of heightened emotion kicking around the place. A wise man once said, “fear leads to anger and anger leads to hatred” ...Ok, so maybe it was Yoda but the little green guy had a point!

With so much anxiety and fear kicking around the impact on the emotional chameleons is massive. You can be as positive as you like but the way some people treat you, speak to you or just act in general is just toxic and damaging and there’s a LOT of it around at the moment.

So what is the answer? - Remember who you are!

I know I’ve said this before in these articles but it remains true and more relevant today than ever before.

Define you you want to be, picture how that person behaves, visualise how they respond to these situations and you are creating a self defined standard against which to measure yourself. This is your choice and your decision. You have decided what success looks like and now have something positive to focus on!

Heightened levels of resilience and wellbeing are often associated with having a defined sense of personal vision and this is just the same.

Don’t let the dark side bring you down, shine bright and you never know, you might just affect some of the other chameleons in a positive way too!

Keep well people and keep positive 🙂

Lantern. ❤️


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