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Is this approporiate business wear?

This was the question I asked myself before heading off to meet some local business people this week at a networking event in my home town of Louth. Normally I would wear a shirt and trousers but it was already baking out there by 7am and I decided shorts and a Thundercats T-shirt were the way ahead! I think that we often get too hung up on what we think other people want to see or what other people might think about how we look or behave. I was going to this particular event to see if there was anyone there who I would like to get to know a bit better, and so I took the decision to show a bit of personality in what I was wearing! I take the view that my work stands for itself and I take pride in the fact that 99% of the time, once I work with an organisation or new client, they have me back for more. That mans a lot to someone who has been quite self critical in the past and whilst I admit that it has taken some time and occasionally I falter, I believe in myself and the quality of what I do and I don’t need to wear a suit on one of the hottest days of the year! I don’t know if anyone looked at me and thought “he doesn’t look very professional” but if they did then they’re probably not the kind of people I want to have coffee with anyway! Be kind to yourself, trust yourself and believe in yourself. ❤️ Phil at Lantern - people development services #business #people #selfbelief


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