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Ongoing Adaptation...

Are you an Extrovert or an Introvert? Well what about the third option? ...BOTH!

You'd think something as fundamental as extroversion or introversion would be hard wired into the DNA of our personality types, but it's not that simple.

As an outgoing person who enjoys the interaction and energy of other people in the classroom or in social settings, I am often labelled as an extrovert.

However, I regularly crave quiet isolation and seek out my energy and rejuvenation from being outside or somewhere peaceful like in the picture from this morning's walk. At these times I need to be alone with my thoughts and the further away from the closest human being the better!

Contrary? Maybe! But it just shows that if we categorise and pigeon hole the people with whom we live and work, we run a very real risk of mis-managing them and that can be catastrophic to effective relationships.

Keep a weather eye on what they need and want at any given time and make sure you adapt your support and style based on circumstance and situation. Not sure whether you're getting it right? Maybe that’s a good starter for your next conversation!

Good luck!

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