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Self-employment can be a real bind…

When asked about how wonderful it must be to be self-employed, I always agree but then take great pains to explain to prospective entrepreneurs that it’s not all roses!!

Want proof? This is my office today as I carry out one of my least favourite jobs of all time, binding workbooks for a new client!

  • Could I pay someone else to do it? Yes, but that puts the price up for the client.

  • Could I just staple them and be done with it? Yes, but I believe that a higher standard of service should just be included in your offering.

  • Does anyone care? I do.

And here’s the point to this folks; It is my humble opinion that one of the keys to success for the employed or the self-employed is being really clear on your values and beliefs. YOU create the standard by which you measure yourself, not the people who brag about income levels or awards.

Don’t let other people drag you away from what is important to you and who you want to be. Job satisfaction is only truly satisfying when you believe in the measure.

All the best and happy binding!!



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