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Social care is an an absolute nightmare...

They have recruitment and retention issues, it’s a difficult job and it is one of the lowest paid vocations out there.

So why do I keep going back?

Because they look after our most vulnerable and precious people. They do some of the most difficult work in challenging circumstances and they get paid peanuts.

The vast majority of people that I’ve trained, supported or worked with in this industry do what they do because they have a passion for care, and thank god they do.

These people are amazing. They have my admiration and respect and if I can help them to make their work and home lives a little bit better or easier then that’s good enough for me.

I work with a number of adult and children’s residential care providers, combining my experience in social care with a managerial and training skill-set to provide a range of support and development services tailored to the challenges of the sector.

If you are in a similar field and want some support with developing your staff, give me a shout and it would be my honour to come and talk it through. No obligation and no pressure, just genuinely happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

Phil @ Lantern

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