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Time Out…

What do all these pictures have in common? The answer is at the end of this post!

Yes, Lantern is taking a well-earned short break! I know there will be business owners turning in their grave at the thought of switching the phones off for a couple of days or leaving the emails until Monday, but when you’re self-employed, there is no one else!

People who work for themselves are often guilty of feeling unable to stop or switch off and I feel that pressure too sometimes. We take our phones or laptops away with us and keep an eye on the emails but is that good for you or your family? As an advocate of healthy work-life balance and the importance of recharging and revitalising it would be fairly hypocritical if I didn’t take the opportunity to switch off every once in a while!

I often refer back to the mobile phone analogy and it works here too. If you want to preserve the life of your battery you need to switch the device off every now and again. Phones charge much quicker when they’re off as opposed to when they are still in use and we humans are just the same. Even if you’re not “doing much” you use mental processing energy every time you check your emails or listen to your messages. If you really want to maintain your vitality and energy levels, switch off!

So where do you go to get your energy fix? If you’re stuck at home because of travel restrictions, don’t forget what we learned during lockdown – you don’t have to go far to find something new.

All the pictures have one thing in common (apart from my daughter being in them!) …they are all taken within 15 miles of my home. We have an incredible county in Lincolnshire and I realise that these posts and articles are literally read across the globe so I know it will be different for you all but I bet there are opportunities to explore unknown corners of your own local area.

So, whether you want hills or dale, beach or mountain, country footpath or city sidewalk, I hope you have a fantastic summer and look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks with full batteries and energy aplenty!

All the best

Phil @ Lantern

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