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Tough Nuts!!

How do you get the milk out of a coconut? When trying to get into a rock hard coconut, most of us resort to the the hammer and smash the **** out of it, scattering fragments across the kitchen and splashing the milk all over the floor! With a little care and time however you can harvest an entire glassful of coconut milk and have two pretty shells to use in the garden or as a bird feeder. One of the “eyes” is softer than the other and a sharp knife or prong will enable you to scoop through and create a hole. Now you can jiggle the coconut and out will come the milk! Next tap around the circumference a few times with a heavy knife to create a shallow groove on the hard exterior. Then take it outside, give it a hard rap on the paving slabs and it will break cleanly along your line! It’s just the same with people. If you take the time to think about what you’re going to say to someone and how you’re going to say it, you will be equally rewarded with better results and relationships. If you have feedback, think about how you can word it to reduce the sense of attack, comment on behaviours not personality traits and describe impacts of actions if you want your observations to land better. Take time to think, show you care and enjoy your coconut! 🙂 Phil @ Lantern


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