• philhutchinson

What have you done today...

Apart from the feel good factor you get from doing nice things for others, I honestly believe that the ripples of a good deed can spread around the world. A simple smile can change someone’s day and then that smile is passed along like a wave across the ocean!

So you see your random act of kindness doesn’t have to be a massive deal! If you want to help and support people during the lock down or would just like to launch a bit of positivity and love out into the world, here are 5 simple ideas. Some are the nice things that people have done for me lately and some are the things I have been inspired to do because of them:

1) Give someone a Zoom or Facetime call, not for networking or business generation but just because you want to check they’re ok and say hi!

2) Send someone a welfare package with a bit of something nice to eat in it, a dvd to watch or something fun to do! Leave it on their doorstep or pop it in the post for a nice surprise!

3) Share a picture of a walk, something fun you’ve done or a recipe idea on social media, it might inspire someone to go and do something nice!

4) Make up a quiz or a game or find an organised online activity and invite some friends to come along and join you on Zoom or Skype!

5) Put something daft in your garden or house/office window so that it makes people smile when they walk by! Remember how far that smile might go...

Whatever you do, keep well and be happy!