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What's wrong with telling the truth?

Here’s some honesty & transparency from a LinkedIn post I wrote in January this year; "I’ve had a lot of work cancelled lately and things are a bit shit!"

Why is that so unusual to see on social media? Because we say what we think people want to hear especially when there are no filters or sense checks, especially when we are feeling threatened or insecure, especially when we are trying to generate business! Here’s the thing, and you know it’s true even if you have found yourself writing a fake post (let’s be honest, we’ve all done it) it doesn’t help!!

I have found that in my private and professional life, the best relationships are forged in the fires of honesty and transparency. I am who I am and when you meet me or work with me, you will get the real me. I can't do everything and I’m not right for everyone but I am getting more comfortable with that as I go through life. I'm also learning that I’d rather have a few incredible, productive relationships than lots of shallow and unfulfilling ones, whether in my business or my personal life! After all, when things get tough, who you gonna call? (No, not them but I had to find a way to shoehorn a bit of cool Lego into this post!!)

So, as we all re-emerge into the big wide world from our social hibernation and begin reconnecting with one another, lets stop and have a proper conversation once in a while.

Whether I wanted it or not I seem to have some spare time on my hands at the moment and I want to spend it making better relationships. If you’re up for that too, drop me a line and we’ll meet up, coffee heals all!

Email me direct at and I'll see you soon!

All the best



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